Ein würdevolles Leben für indische Hunde!                                                                  A dignified life for Indian dogs!
About Us
For supporting our  animal rescue projects  in India we also offer exclusive  textile articles!
WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO German animal welfare organization Founded by three young friends in 2014 We work for the well-being of Indian animals, until now mainly stray dogs In India we could visualize the catastrophic situation abandoned animals have to cope with This made us realize it is about time for change Their condition and the fact that the population of Indian street dogs gets increasingly out of control, have convinced us to plan and collect ideas for the foundation of an animals' shelter.
THE SITUATION Oftentimes, stray dogs suffer from severe illnesses, such as mange, distemper or tumors, as well as parasites in most cases The dogs feed from garbage left by people They constantly reproduce, wich leads to newborn, unprotected puppies already being left to their fate STRAY ANIMALS and THE HUMAN Most people just ignore animals living on the street Atrocities against these animals are not a rarity: oftentimes, animals are beaten, kicked, or even killed Because of the indifference and hatred of most people concerning their environment, a vicious circle develops People need to understand that animals are not able to help themselves, but depend on them instead
OUR AIM Rescuing and raising abandoned puppies, adoption of animals Neutering (male dogs) or spaying (female dogs) and giving them the required medical treatment Creating an animal sanctuary that should be a safe haven for abandoned animals in Bhopal/India Providing animals a dignified and happy life Showing animals that humans can also be kind and do not only cause them harm Giving animals the same amount of love they show towards us Educational work (mainly for youth) to create awareness
OUR MOTIVATION  Things that strenghten us The eyes of an animal expressing pure trust and gratitude The joy of life and love that the animals show us right from the first moment The trust animals have in us to help them The help and understanding of our family and friends  Things that make us believe that justice still exists The possibility to gradually change the view of the Indian population Supporters in Germany and India who help us achieve our aims 
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